Written by Alta Lourette


  1. Learn to breathe properly.
    We take our breaths for granted because it happens automatically and yet most of us don’t use it to our advantage. You may know that shallow breathing can lead to stress and anxiety can lead to shallow breathing. The breath influences the body and mind, so why not focus on breathing better.
  1. Reduce stress
    This has been said many times. Being present in your breath leads you to the present moment, improves your focus and reduces stress
  1. Improve your balance.
    There are loads of standing balancing positions in yoga and these have many benefits. They challenge your muscle groups to work together, increase concentration, strengthen your ankles and make you less clumsy. It’s also quite cool to stand on one leg to tie your shoe laces.
  1. Up your vibe.
    Others will tell you how inviting and attractive your energy is.
  1. Yoga makes you strong.
    The misperception of yoga is often of people sitting in a meditation position and that’s all yogis do. Yoga is physically challenging, will make you sweat a lot (depending what style you do) and wakes up muscles in your body you never knew you had.
  1. Yoga will make you more flexible.
    Not only physically, but also mentally. People who make yoga part of their lifestyle learn to have a more accepting/flexible attitude in life.
    Physically, the aim of yoga is not to become flexible, but it is a by-product. Keep in mind that flexibility can be dangerous for most because you can hurt yourself and pop your joints. Not nice. Let the word flex in flexibility remind you to engage your muscles to keep your joints safe. Bending your knees, flexing your toes and some other fine tuning can keep you safer.
  1. Makes you hardcore.
    Your core will become super strong. It is not just what we know as the six-pack muscles but the muscles that work as stabilizers for the ENTIRE body. You might be able to whip out the same kind of bada$$ moves as in breakdancing, martial arts and rock climbing.
  1. Become grateful.
    Yoga helps you to go inward and the experience of that brings appreciation and gratitude forward.