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Western Cape Bouldering League 2018

14 Feb & 7 March 2018

Round 1: 14 Feb – CityROCK

Round 2: 21 Feb – Bloc 11

Round 3: 28 Feb – Bloc11

Round 4: 7 March – CityROCK

Round 5: 14 March – Bloc 11



– 12 problems per round

– No points for flashing

– No points for number of attempts

– Points for red-pointing

– Half points for bonus hold



– Registration is once off fee of R120.00

– No fees per round

– All proceeds go to prizes


Climbing rules:

  • Start on the holds marked with “S”
  • All problems are “sit-start” (bum is last thing to leave the ground), unless stated otherwise
  • All problems are ‘tracking’ – that means you can only use marked holds for feet
  • To get the * hold (half points), you have to establish on the hold and attempt to move off it (i.e. not just hit it)

To ‘complete’ the problem, you have to MATCH hands on the finishing hold and be established enough to hold for 3 seconds.


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