The best way to get started is to do the Intro Course. This will give you a good idea of what the sport is about and familiarise you with the equipment and how to use it.

You will also be given you a tour of the gym and shown the different areas and types of climbing available to you.

The Intro Course is a 2 hour session between 6 and 8 on a Monday and Wednesday evening and costs R245 per person which includes gear rental (Shoes, harness an belay device). Booking required. No persons under the age of 14.
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How Does The Gym Work?
Every person entering CityROCK will be required to fill in a waiver form whether you are watching or participating.

You will then be able to choose from several types of climbing.

Bouldering – Great for first timers as you do not need experience. This is probably the easiest and least expensive way of getting into climbing.

Bouldering consists of short routes, called “problems”. Boulder problems are shorter climbs (between 2 and 4 metres) that do not require a rope or partner. Once you have finished a route, or your arms are giving up on you, just jump off onto our soft foam mats.

Automatic Belay Wall – This is a great introduction to high climbing as you do not need experience or a climbing partner. The rope is attached at the top of the wall (around 8 metres) to a braking system in the event of a fall, similar to a car seat belt, and will lower you gently back down to the ground.

Top Rope High Climbing – Requires a team of two: climber and belayer. The belayer stays on the ground and controls the rope attached to the climber using a belay device in the event of a fall.  The rope runs through an anchor at the top of the wall as the climber progresses upward. The routes require stamina as they go up to a height of 10m. The belayer will be required to do a Belay Test, free of charge, which can be arranged with the front desk. This is to ensure that everyone climbing at CityROCK has the proper skills and knows the correct safety procedures. An Introductory course is advisable unless you already have experience.

Gear Requirements

Bouldering – climbing shoes and a chalk bag.

Automatic Belay Wall – harness, chalk bag, shoes

Top rope climbing – harness, shoes, chalk bag, locking carabiner and belay device.

All gear is available for rental (see “Rates” page), or can be purchased at our gear shop above the gym.

Want to give it a try?
If you are completely new to indoor climbing and just want to see what it’s about you will have a choice of two options:

DIY – This includes bouldering and climbing on our automatic belay wall.
The cost of the DIY option includes day pass and gear rental:
Kids: R 155
Adults: R 175

Test Drive – We also offer an option where you can book one of our staff members to belay you or your child on our main High Climbing walls (i.e. we manage the safety rope).
The cost of a “Test Drive” is the same as the DIY price plus R200 per hour for the instructor. It includes entrance and gear rental.

Test drives must be booked in advance as they are subject to availability of gear and instructors.

Want to Join?
For rates, please go to the Day Passes and Memberships page.