I walked into my first yoga class in 2005, completed my training in 2010, taught part-time and finally full-time in 2013 when I settled back in Cape Town. My approach to life and yoga is lighthearted and fun and I enjoy expressing this in my classes by creating a flow and freedom of poses wherein you can feel & explore your body & mind and apply this back into your life. This is the kind of yoga I enjoy and share.


Yoga Alliance certified teacher, Vanessa Holliday, has been practicing Yoga since 2006 with her long history in music and traveling the world while Dj’ing and creating sound journeys it was only a natural progression to become a yoga
teacher. She is inspired by movement & music as a form of healing, exploring oneself & unlocking ones full potential. Her teaching is firmly rooted in traditional Yoga philosophy and practice, yet with a modern creative approach you infuses Vinyasa flow, free style movement and the gentleness of Yin while incorporating music & sound in her classes as well.
Sandy first experienced yoga at a Bikram studio in London in 2002 and was immediately drawn to the physical elements of the class and the amazing feeling of her body adapting to the heated environment it found itself in.
She practiced regularly at various Bikram and Vinyasa studios in London and attended a pregnancy yoga workshop in 2009 which was thecatalyst to take her practice further and become an instructor. Three more years of practice and a change of country, she fulfilled her ambition completing a Yoga Alliance 200hrs Vinyasa teacher training in 2013 at Yogalife in Cape Town.
Her yoga journey over the past 14 years has been inspired by many teachers and texts however she is always drawn back to the restorative and physical elements of practice focusing on alignment and form combined with a strong core. Her classes mirror these principles, are dynamic in nature offering a combination of restorative and strengthening postures that challenge and develop both body and mind. With a sprinkle of humour because let’s face it, life needs to be fun.
Claudia Uffhaus first started the Practice of Yoga in 2007, and decided to take her practice further to becoming a teacher in 2010. She completed her 200 hour Ashtanga teacher training course with Jim Harrington in Cape Town.
With a history of Rock Climbing, Tai Chi, Yoga and a great love for the outdoors, she has embraced this new direction in which life has taken her and ties in some of the lessons she has learnt from the various aspects of her life style.
Claudia encourages practitioners to become more aware of their own body, their breath, their thoughts and the present moment in order to begin a self practice.
My love for yoga stems from the space, strength and flexibility which is created both in the mind and in the body.Having been trained in both hatha and ashtanga yoga, I teach a free flowing vinyasa style practice,  focusing on bringing awareness onto the mat through the breath and connecting with the body.


Tarryn’s love for yoga started the minute she walked into her first class just over 2 years ago. Although her reason for starting yoga was to gain flexibility, she soon learned it was much more than that! She completed her RYT200 in Pretoria last year. She is also the manager of the Yoga South Africa website and hosts yoga events in and around Cape Town. With a love for Vinyasa, Tarryn enjoys bringing unique and fun sequences into her classes. Her passion for yoga grows every day and she can’t wait to roll out her mat with all of you!
Mandisa loves to be challenged both on and off the mat, physically and mentally. You will tend to find her classes revolving a lot around working with strength where she holds the poses, be it strength or flexibility based. Her classes will involve sequences that focus on a total body workout, allowing you to have fun whilst you kick up a good sweat. Her classes will give you the best of both worlds, a good physical work out and a good mental workout, allowing you to zone out completely whilst being lost in the moment. You will leave the class feeling rejuvenated.
“Maybe I’m one of the few yoga teachers who didn’t fall in love with yoga from the beginning. I did a lot of ballet when I was younger, which drove me to have a ‘suck-it-up-and-just-push’ attitude towards my body. I did my first yoga class back in Amsterdam, and remember feeling frustrated with the slow pace, the internal focus, all the breathing, and especially savasana. So my next encounter with yoga was only years later. This time however, I stepped into the class not looking for a workout, but for some mind space. And lo-and-behold, that particular savasana was a life changing experience! From that moment yoga slowly grew on me, and I found myself being drawn back to the studio again and again. I enjoyed the safe and playful space it offered to explore body and mind through movement and breath, as well as the nonjudgmental, real, and fun people I met there. I decided to do my teacher training with Jim Harrington last year, and have been teaching ever since. In my classes I encourage you to be curious and adventurous towards exploring your own body, to move in ways that feel natural and good in your own body, to find that space between a chill and a challenge for your own body. This is the only body you have. Give it some love!”


Kimberly Burger, originally from Pretoria, studied dance at the UCT School of Dance and graduated in 2013. Movement has been a priority and fascination of hers since before she can remember. Introduced mainly through the discipline of Classical Ballet, throughout the years Kimberly has gradually sought to broaden her study of how our bodies move and function. While working in Hong Kong, yoga became monumental in her every day life. Practicing regularly, and with some wonderful and insightful teachers,  fueled and nourished her. Motivated and inspired, she completed her 200hour Teacher Training with Jim Harrington at ReUnion Yoga and Meditation in 2015, which now gives her the opportunity to explore and share these teachings, which have been such an incredible part of her own learning. She enjoys implementing movement concepts that she has, and continues to be exposed to, throughout all the different disciplines, in a playful and in-depth approach. Always encouraging the endless pursuit of understanding and integrity within ourselves and our environment.
I first came to yoga, many years ago, with the attitude that it was just another form of exercise, but soon realised that there are many benefits of a regular yoga practice. It greatly reduces my stress and calms the incessant mind chatter, and so I quickly fell in love with the practice. After many years of practice, I completed my teacher training with Jim Harrington in 2016. I strongly feel that we are conditioned to continuously push ourselves to our limits in our daily activities, leading to unnecessary stress. For this reason, I encourage yoga practitioners to come to their mats with a sense of compassion for themselves. The idea is for practitioners to be content with where they are at in their practice and their lives. Being present on your mat, you can fully express who you are in a nurturing and non-judgemental space.