There have been a lot of rumors and questions about our future in Observatory. Today, we finally signed a lease on a building in Paarden Eiland, which will become the new CityROCK in Cape Town.

The building is huge. 3,600 m2, significantly larger than our new Johannesburg gym.

Johannesburg took a year to build, and the new Cape Town facility will take about the same amount of time. Construction starts in February after the December builders’ holidays, when we will raise the roof from the current 11.5m to 16m. This will accommodate two IFSC 15 m speed walls. It will give Capetonians two years to train for Tokyo 2020 🙂

New Paarden Eiland Location:

We will be moving to Milner Road, the Northern part of Paarden Eiland. The new location is seven km from the Cape Town CBD, about the same distance as Obz is. The old Obz facility will be closed down.

Some people have questioned Paarden Eiland as a location. We would have preferred to stay in our current neighborhood, which has worked great for us for 14 years. Unfortunately buildings of this size and height with an abundance of safe parking don’t exist around here.

The new CityROCK 2.0 by the numbers:

  • Building size 3,600 m2 (about 4x the current gym and 900 m2 bigger than Johannesburg).
  • Roped climbing up to 16 m high.
  • 1,000 m2 floor area of high climbing walls, with 150 top anchors.
  • 750 m2 floor area of bouldering.
  • Two 15m IFSC speed wall routes.
  • Ten Auto Belays.
  • 30,000 grips.
  • A dedicated kids climbing area, for birthday parties and kids programs.
  • 370 m2 of cardio, weights and fitness.
  • 80 m2 of system, campus, moon, hang, peg, compression and Pluto boards.
  • Over 100 safe and secure parking bays.
  • 250 m2 gear shop, almost double our current size.
  • 100 m2 yoga studio, 4x our current size.

The count-down is on.

– Robert Breyer, Trish Breyer, Charles Edelstein and Mike Behr