Vinyasa yoga teacher
Qualification – Vinyasa RYT 200 with a background in Karate, Tai Chi and Kiyushu Jitsu

What motivates me – Being able to demonstrate the beauty and power of the art of Yoga in all its forms and expressions

My Yoga style – Yoga evolution, a Kaizen process incorporating expressions of meditative movement into a holistic system to unite and explore mind, body and spirit in a fluid way.

Budokon yoga teacher
Qualification – Budokon Yoga, Hot 26, Vinyasa and Yin

What motivates me – A deeper mind body connection with awareness in every moment

My Yoga style – To focus internally on the moving meditation, leaving one feeling relaxed

Vinyasa yoga teacher
Qualification – After doing yoga on and off for many years, in 2015 I decided to take the plunge and do my Yoga certification with Tri-focus.

What motivates me – I am an extremely curious person with an ever-expanding sense of wonder. I believe in maintaining a healthy body mind and spirit. Yoga has helped me in many areas of life and I would like to be able to share that with others.

My Yoga style – yin and yang ranging from long deep holds to vigorous dynamic flows.

Vinyasa yoga teacher
Qualification – 200 hour Vinyasa yoga at Living Yoga.

What motivates me – I’ve always been a very active person and yoga teaches you to connect your body, breath and mind.

My Yoga style – Meditation, finding joy and steadiness in every pose.

Vinyasa yoga teacher

In 2015 Sajiv completed a Vinyasa yoga teacher training facilitated by Living Yoga and immediately took the opportunity to teach.

He draws inspiration from ancient yogic texts, dance, music and life in general to teach classes that require not only strength and focus, but also bring a very playful element to your practise.  His classes are mentally and physically uplifting and challenging as he loves doing backbends, arm balances and being upside down in inversions to look at things from a different perspective.

Vinyasa/Yin yoga teacher
Qualification – Qualified Vinyasa guide (also teach Yin Yoga)

What motivates me – The truth of my body, my breath, my being.

My yoga style – There have been and will be many guides out there that influence my teaching, which I then share with you. For now we move slow… strong… listening, getting to understand what this body mind connection is all about. Stand true in your wild, wild heart of truth.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Qualification – 200 hour vinyasa, yin and hot26 + 300 hour Santosha yoga vinyasa and hatha.

What motivates me – Being alive.

My Yoga style – Going with the flow

Pilates Teacher
Qualification – BASI (Body Arts and Science International) Pilates, which has proven to improve posture, develop core strength and flexibility

What motivates me – creating personalized, educational and challenging classes with an element of fun so a sense of holistic well-being is achieved.

My Pilates style – a warm and compassionate approach in helping people develop body awareness and functional movement patterns.