We offer great value corporate events.

A wide variety of companies have had very successful corporate events at CityROCK: large companies such as Woolworths, Discovery, Eskom and smaller ones like Touchline Photo or the Xpert Group. They all had great fun and learned a lot.

CityROCK’s 2-hour team building program includes a balance of climbing and problem-solving activities that encourage team growth. We offer the opportunity to have an exciting time away from the office – a fun-filled, informative, skill-building session that introduces the team to indoor climbing and cooperative teamwork. Our team building program focuses on fun and is carefully designed to complement the physical ability of your group.

The Corporate Climb (vertical limit)

Vertical limit is focused on both having fun and learning the skills essential for climbing.
This program allows for both team challenges and individual challenges.

The Objectives:
– Gaining trust in your colleagues
– Team approach to problem solving
– Overcoming fear and fear avoidance behaviour.
– Interaction with each other in an exciting new environment.
– Fostering self-belief.
– High levels of motivation
– Having Fun!

The Program:


Welcome and Games
Our instructors will introduce themselves and welcome all participants to the facility and give a brief explanation on the day’s activities.
Various games will be played to relax and unwind your group; a good laugh always does the trick. Games are simple and challenge co-ordination, reflexes and creativity.


The Big Walls and the Little Walls (individual challenge)
To get you into the swing of things and more comfortable with the environment, our instructors will give you an introduction to your climbing session.
After being divided into smaller groups of no more than five individuals to one instructor, teams will be given the opportunity to try the bouldering wall, top rope walls and the automatic wall.


Automatic Wall (team challenge)
Who is the fastest of them all?
One of the challenges may be a safe ‘race’ up our unique automatic wall. Teams may challenge one another by climbing up a 10 metre wall safeguarded by a hydraulic safety system. The first team to successfully complete the challenge, wins!


Top roping
How much do you trust your partner?
The teams may be challenged! Basic instruction will be given on how to manage a rope for your climbing partners and how to catch them as a team, should they fall. This is ‘trust falling’ with style.


The Rope Ladder (cool-off challenge)
A fun and simple challenge to cool-off. Members of your group will be given the opportunity to climb our rope ladder… the catch: they could be blind folded while climbing to the top.



  • Cost: R320 per person.
  • Minimum: 8 Individuals
  • Maximum: 25 individuals
  • Duration: 2 hour session.
  • Includes: Climbing shoes, Harness and Instructors.