Want to further your expertise in climbing? Why not sign up for one of our courses.
Our instructors will coach you through the necessary skills.

Introductory Course

A great way to get started! This is a once off 1-hour session held Monday and Wednesday evenings between 7 and 8pm and Saturdays at 11-12pm and 3-4pm.
Booking is required and climbers must be 14 years or older.

The course includes:

– Gear rental (shoes, harness, belay device)
– Basic safety procedures
– Figure 8 tie-in knot
– Top rope belay skills
– Top rope climbing
– Free climbing after the course
Cost: R250 per person

Lead Course

A once-off 2 hour session. Booking is required and climbers must be 16 years or older.
The course includes:

– Gear rental
– Lead belaying skills
– Lead climbing techniques
– Correct clipping of quick draws
– 15% discount voucher off your lead gear (rope & quickdraws) from the Gear Shop

Cost: R370 per person

Please note that in order to do the Lead Course you must already have the skills from the Introductory Course, as well as your own gear (rope and assisted-braking belay device) and climbing partner.

To book, please email bookings@cityrock.co.za


Lead Cleaning Course

This course will teach you how to correctly and safely clean a sport climb. Course runs from 7-8pm on Wednesday evenings.
Booking is required, climbers must be 14 years or older and must have a lead tag.

What you will need to bring:

– Regular climbing gear (harness, shoes, and chalk bag)
– Cleaning gear: quickdraws, slings, biners

This is a free to members course. Regular day pass to non-members.


Technique Course

Do you feel as though you can’t get past a particular grade? Then this course is for you! You can take it as often as you like, your climbing will only get better!

Our Technique Course consists of two 1 hour sessions and is available on request. Call us or email bookings@cityrock.co.za for more info.

Cost: R290 per person (gear and day pass not included)