I am a RYT 500 hour yoga instructor who focuses on teaching people rather than poses.

My yoga journey over the past 16 years has been inspired by many teachers and text however I am always drawn back to the restorative, spiritual and physical elements of the practice focusing on alignment and form combined with a strong core. My classes mirror these principles, are dynamic in nature offering a combination of restorative and strengthening postures that challenge and develop both mind and body. With a sprinkle of humour because let face it, life needs to be FUN! My biggest passion is learning how to move in fun, interesting ways and then teaching others what I learned in the process and seeing them get the result is very rewarding.

    Kimberly is a Cape Town based yoga teacher and dance performer with a BMus degree in dance from UCT. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Jim Harrington in 2015 and has been teaching ever since. Her multidisciplinary approach, using mainly Synergy yoga, classical ballet and Pilates principles, ensure a thorough alignment of the body. Expect detailed instruction and a slower flowing pace, let the postures do the work and have fun!

      Having studied and trained in mindfulness meditation and Buddhist-based psychology, Michal delights in offering meditation instruction. His travels to centres across South Africa and to Europe for courses and retreats have infused his life with the practise of being present. In 2015 he completed several meditation courses at Karmê Chöling in Vermont, USA, and has been authorised to give meditation instruction in the Shambhala tradition which draws on ancient Tibetan forms of practice. He leads weekly meditation groups and spends his time off the cushion cycling in remote places and running local trails.

      Michal’s interest in extending mindfulness to physical training grew into a passion for Pilates. He is a Body Arts and Sciences certified Pilates trainer and believes in empowering his clients through self-awareness, while strengthening their bodies and minds.

        Alexa first stepped onto a yoga mat at the age of 18 and fell head over heels. From a young gymnast to a yogi, a hobby grew into a calling and nearly ten years later she traveled to India to learn from the source. She is a 500hr certified Hatha Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy teacher. She has also spent time training in Ashrams so her classes use a traditional approach and emphasize breath work. 

        She is most passionate about teaching the therapeutic benefits of yoga to people with specific goals or needs in their practice – whether they be physical or psychological. Her goal is to help students better live in their bodies and become a catalyst for their own healing. Serving them through embodied knowledge, conscious movement and empowered self-care is what fulfils her teaching journey. 

          Claudia Uffhaus first started the Practice of Yoga in 2007, and decided to take her practice further to becoming a teacher in 2010. She completed her 200 hour Ashtanga teacher training course with Jim Harrington in Cape Town.
          With a history of Rock Climbing, Tai Chi, Yoga and a great love for the outdoors, she has embraced this new direction in which life has taken her and ties in some of the lessons she has learnt from the various aspects of her life style.
          Claudia encourages practitioners to become more aware of their own body, their breath, their thoughts and the present moment in order to begin a self practice.
            Mandy encountered yoga over a decade ago but it was her interest in the alternative healing that eventually led her to exploring yoga more deeply. Hailing from a background in Psychology formally, she began by studying Reiki and Crystal Healing in the winelands of Franschoek in Cape Town.  In 2015 she completed her training in the Himalayas in India and where she first taught briefly as part of a meditation circle in Asia.  Primarily she is a student and teacher of Vinyasa, a firm believer that the lessons learnt about the mind-body connection in meditative flow can be translated to important lessons off the mat helping to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  She also teaches Yin Yoga, incorporating the ancient wisdom of the energy systems found in the far east.  The premise of her approach to teaching is to create a space where individuals find the freedom to adapt and develop the classes she offers them in a way that is beneficial for their own bodies.
              Charney  has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years. Walking out of her first yoga class – she was amazed at how light she felt and only half-joked that everyone should do Yoga!

              This belief in the therapeutic benefits of Yoga led her to do an  Sivananda Integral Yoga teachers training in 2006,followed by Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow, Aerial and kids yoga. Drawing from differemt styles of yoga, her own personal practice and experience, she offers a holistic well rounded yoga practice suited to all levels.

                I moved from Switzerland to Cape Town in 2017 and did my 200hr yoga teacher training in the same year. I used to be a pilates and myofascial teacher, as well as all sort of movement is my passion since I can remember. When I started surfing in Cape Town, I was seeking for a contrary practice to slow down, recharge and to work with my muscle length and fascia – I explored yin yoga and it has become essential in my daily life and I really love to teach it. Yin is an introspective practice in stillness, patience and non-reactivity.
                  I first came to yoga, many years ago, with the attitude that it was just another form of exercise, but soon realised that there are many benefits of a regular yoga practice. It greatly reduces my stress and calms the incessant mind chatter, and so I quickly fell in love with the practice. After many years of practice, I completed my teacher training with Jim Harrington in 2016. I strongly feel that we are conditioned to continuously push ourselves to our limits in our daily activities, leading to unnecessary stress. For this reason, I encourage yoga practitioners to come to their mats with a sense of compassion for themselves. The idea is for practitioners to be content with where they are at in their practice and their lives. Being present on your mat, you can fully express who you are in a nurturing and non-judgemental space.
                    Carmen completed her 300hr YTT with Jim Harrington and, fascinated by the empowering practice of Budokon, she completed her training with Dave Gardner and became a Budokon teacher in March 2017. Carmen loves sharing her experience and encourages curiosity and exploration within the practice and yourself, while teaching with focus on safe alignment and functional movement.
                      Chelsea first started yoga in 2014, from there her love for the practice only grew stronger. Over time, the desire to become a teacher and spread the love & knowledge of yoga finally came to life in 2017, where she was able to complete her 200hr teacher training at YogaLife. Even as a teacher she continues to grow and evolve, staying mindful and curious, on and off the mat. Her classes will leave you feeling energized and ignited.
                        Borne from an extensive contemporary dance and ballet background, Britt has always been fascinated by the miracle of the human body. After hip surgery in 2010 rendered her unable to dance, she turned towards healthier forms of movement expression. First came Pilates as a form of healing and then yoga as a form of play. Britt completed her first Yoga Teacher Training through Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga in 2012 in Restorative yoga, focusing on students who had lost touch with their bodies through illness or injury. From there, she completed advanced teacher trainings in India in Vinyasa and Pre-Natal yoga, as well as her full Pilates Teachers Training, teaching in and around Cape Town. Britt focuses on meticulous alignment and awareness in all classes. Though breath and mindfulness create the central focus of her classes, she weaves in a thread of playfulness and encourages self-expression and self-discovery to be the driving force behind everyone’s unique physical practice.