Michelle with their trusty MSR MiniWorks Ex Microfilter

We spoke to a couple of our customers, Michelle and Jantie about their experience using the MSR Miniworks Water Filter. Here is their story:

“Before going travelling for 4 months in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, we researched what we could use to filter water without using chemicals. Most travellers buy bottled water for drinking when in Asia. We had spent time in the East before and made the decision this time not to buy bottled water as we feel very strongly about not making use of single-use plastic bottles.  Being on the road for such a long time, we needed to make sure we had something that would be able to keep up with daily water demands for drinking and cooking. The MSR miniworks seemed like the right choice, but we intended spending time off the beaten track and were unsure whether it would really REALLY filter out any strange bugs in the water.

Well, it totally did. We developed a routine of pumping water every evening for the next day, filtering about 7 litres a day. We bought two plastic water bottles that we refilled using the filtered water and filtered the tap water wherever we were staying. It suited our two criteria perfectly: 1. No sickness and 2. No extra plastic bottles. If we had to calculate how much plastic we would have accumulated buying bottled water for 4 months, it would probably take up the space of a large room!

Before using the product, it seemed as if it was marketed primarily for back country expeditions. We feel very strongly that MSR should also market this product as a tool in which to avoid additional plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is very real in the east and with Bali being a volcanic island (volcanoes in the middle, with many many waterways running straight to the coast). All the trash just gets washed to the ocean during rainy season, and then some of it washes up on the shore. Who knows where the rest goes? If all travellers could stop buying bottled water, what kind of difference would that not make?

Thanks again for your help initially when purchasing this product. We would highly recommend it.

Michelle and Jantie”


If you’d like to get your own MSR Miniworks water filter, you can find it here on Mountain Mail Order or at CityROCK Gear Shop Johannesburg & Cape Town