COVID-19 Protocols

Welcome back!

We have tweaked our systems to make sure your return to CityROCK is safe and to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The Minister of Sports, Art and Culture has approved sport climbing as a non-contact sport. As such, the climbing gym and fitness area are open for members and day-pass customers. Members and Day-pass customers do not need to book. Day-pass kids under 13 must book by emailing the relevant branch they wish to attend. 

If you would like to join us, please read the following very carefully. The better prepared you are the smoother your session will run.


  • All climbers must be active (paying) CityROCK members or day-pass customers.
  • We are open 11 am to 9 pm Monday to Thursday,  and 9 am to 6 pm Friday to Sunday and public holidays.
  • Our upstairs fitness area and yoga studio are open.
  • To book for day-pass kids under 13, email the relevant branch you wish to attend. Only adult courses may be booked via our online system.
  • Masks are to be worn at ALL times in the facility. Vaccinated members may lower their masks only when on a climb. To climb without a mask, show us your vaccine card and we will give you a tag to display.
  • Liquid chalk must be used at the start of all climbs, including high-wall climbing and bouldering. Powdered chalk may ONLY be used to top up.
  • The mask-free coffee area is open, but we ask that customers please use this area exclusively for the consumption of food and drinks.
  • Cleaning will take place regularly to keep everything sanitary.
  • Good ventilation reduces the risk of spreading the virus; as a result all the gym fans will be on.


  • If your membership is frozen, you can reactivate now:

Unfreeze Johannesburg Unfreeze Cape Town


Some other important info

We encourage the use of liquid chalk; powdered chalk may only be used to top-up;. Liquid chalk has a high alcohol content and thus acts like a sanitiser, plus it reduces dust in the gym which helps save our lungs and shop stock. Get your hands on some liquid chalk now!

You may use powdered chalk on the high walls and in the bouldering section, but you have to start with liquid chalk and only chalk up as needed when you are on the wall. Chalk balls are preferred.

You need to sanitise your hands before bouldering or tying in to climb / belay. Sanitiser will be made available to you throughout the gym.

Gear rental is available. Rest assured rental gear will be sanitised and quarantined for 24 hours between uses.

Please be responsible and only visit CityROCK if you have no signs and symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19. Please be responsible to keep our staff and fellow customers COVID-free.

Frequently asked questions:

1. I'm ready to go back to the gym! How do I reactivate my account?

For Johannesburg memberships email:
For Cape Town memberships email:

2. I'm not ready to return to the gym, what do I need to do to freeze my account?

For Johannesburg memberships email:
For Cape Town memberships email:
A freeze form will be sent to you for completion.

3. Am I supposed to wear a mask while climbing?


We understand that this can be frustrating; however, wearing a mask continues to be the best way to contain the spread of the virus. Please wear your mask at all times when using the facility, including during high-wall climbing, bouldering and belaying. Under level 2, VACCINATED members may lower their masks while climbing on the high walls and in the bouldering section. Masks must be worn at all other times, including before and after your climb. Show us your vaccine card to get your maskless-climbing tag!

4. Can we bring friends/family to the gym to observe?


5. Can I drop in?

Yes, under current regulations, only children under 13 need a booking.

6. I have made a booking but need to cancel, how do I do this?

When you make a booking you will receive an email confirmation. You can use this same confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your booking. Please click on either the Reschedule or Cancel tab which are found on the bottom right of your confirmation email.

Alternatively, you may contact CityROCK and cancel the session over the phone.

7. Are you taking cash payments?


8. Is the cardio and free weight area open?

Yes! We ask that you please sanitise equipment before and after each use.

9. Is the yoga studio open and when are the classes?

Yes – you can view our studio schedule here.

10. Are rentals available?

Gear rental is available again. Rest assured rental gear will be sanitised and quarantined for 24 hours between uses.  We encourage all our members to bring their own climbing equipment and liquid chalk.

11. Why can’t I use loose chalk?

By eliminating loose chalk, we are trying to limit airborne dust. Liquid chalk contains a high alcohol content, meaning it acts as a hand sanitiser, and it helps to limit dust – this also helps to protect our lungs and shop stock. Liquid chalk is available for purchase at and in the CityROCK gear shop.

12. Will you be serving food and coffee and can we sit down and eat?

Yes. You may purchase food and drinks and enjoy them in our coffee area, but we ask that you please put your mask back on and exit the area once you have finished up.

13. Can we shower at the gym?

Our showers are open again, but please bring your own towel.

14. How often do surfaces get cleaned and sterilised at CityROCK?

Communal areas, bathrooms and surfaces are cleaned between every climbing session. SANITECH staff have been trained on the proper cleaning procedure and have been provided the appropriate disinfecting and cleaning products to combat the spread of COVID-19.

15. How is CityROCK open under current regulations?

Sport Climbing has been approved as a non-contact sport by the Minister of Sports, Art and Culture. As such, we are able to continue operating as a climbing gym.

16. How long will these policies last?

Great question and we hear you – these changes and guidelines are not permanent. As we continue to move toward our new normal, we will be guided by and comply with government regulations and we will keep members updated via the member newsletter, social media and our website.