Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered his Budget Speech on Wednesday and made it clear that South Africa is “once again at a crossroads”. In order to close the R28 Billion budget shortfall, he announced that taxes would be raised on cigarettes, alcohol and a new sugar tax. Gordhan did go on to say that the SA currency had shown a lot of resilience recently, with the Rand recovering from a low of 15 to the US Dollar a year ago, to its current level of 13 to the greenback.  Gordhan said he was happy to see that some businesses were passing on the lower import costs to South African consumers, who are still feeling like they are in a permanent squeeze chimney.

Gordhan singled out CityROCK, who just announced a 15% price reduction on their own imported climbing brands. The Minister said that he had personally taken advantage of the 15% CityROCK price decrease and bought himself a new Metolius trad rack. The Minister went on to say that he had to defer his purchase of a new set of half Mammut ropes to April, as “money was a bit tight this month and the Misses keeps me on a strict budget”.



Jokes aside: With immediate effect, CityROCK is reducing the prices on the following brands by 15%:  Evolv, Fiveten, Flashed, La Sportiva, The North Face, Mammut, Metolius and Wild Country. The usual MCSA and CityROCK discounts still apply.  And don’t forget our 50% clearance sale on select clothing items still has another week to run! Visit us: CityROCK Cape Town, CityROCK Johannesburg,

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