CityROCK’s foremost priority is to provide a safe environment for gym users and staff.
We will not compromise on safety issues.

On your first visit to CityROCK, you will need to complete a liability waiver. This can be done in the comfort of your home by clicking on the “Waiver” link, or at the gym. In addition, even experienced climbers new to the gym, or returning members or guests who have not been in the facility for one year or more will be required to take the Belay Test before being allowed to belay at the gym.

Personal Responsibility
Whereas CityROCK does their utmost to ensure safety of equipment and of climbing procedures, participants are informed that rock climbing – and lead climbing in particular – does involve risk and all climbers and belayers must take personal responsibility for their own safety as well as that of their partner.
Everyone climbing at CityROCK will be asked to sign a waiver depending on the type of activity. If the climber is under the age of 18, a legal guardian will have to sign on their behalf. Please read through our facility rules and regulations to make your visit to CityROCK an enjoyable one.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, those using the top rope and lead walls will have to pass a Belay Test and/or Lead Test. These are free of charge and provided a staff member is available for testing, can be done at any time during the day. The tests take about 15 minutes. No prior booking is necessary.

Belay and Lead tests
Belay Test is there to make sure that the climber is familiar with the basic gear, safety procedures, buddy checks, belay techniques and communication procedures required to climb safely in the gym. Before the test you will be given a list of all the aspects of these procedures.

If you are new to climbing and would like to be taught how to belay and shown all the correct procedures, you will need to enroll on our Introductory Course which is run twice a week. See Courses for further information.

Lead tests check that you know the basic belay procedures as well as how to clip safely, fall safely and know the correct calls and procedures to avoid any confusion with the belayer. For those wanting to learn to lead, CityROCK runs Lead Courses which can be booked at our front desk.

Once you have passed the test you will be given either a Belay card or Lead card so that our staff and other gym members know that you are competent. These are to be worn on your harness at all times.

For more information on the Belay Test, click here
For more information on Lead Test, click here


Safety Requirements for Bouldering.
– Use a ‘spotter’ for difficult moves.
– Do not boulder on the high walls.
– The bouldering area is for adults – ALL children must be supervised.
– Children may not play on the foam pads in the bouldering area.