Fitness and Training

Our fitness training area includes the gym area and the climbing-specific training area all on the mezzanine floor overlooking the climbing walls.

The gym is equipped with weights, kettle bells, cardio machines and strength training gym equipment.

The climbing specific area is complete with peg boards, pull up bars, campus boards, system boards, finger boards and Moonboards.

The use of these facilities is included in the day pass or monthly membership.


  • 4 treadmills
  • 2 rowers
  • 3 spin bikes
  • 2 eliptical
  • 2 assault bikes

General strength training

  • dumbbells
  • free weights
  • smith machine
  • all the ZEST kit

Climbing specific strength training

  • system board
  • peg board and maze
  • campus board with 3 different size rungs and slopers
  • Moon board
  • various hang hang-boards
  • compression (poutre) board

Stretch Zone

  • foam rollers
  • pilates balls
  • stretch mats
  • skipping ropes
  • resistance bands
  • gymnastic rings
  • TRX system

CityROCK training area rules:

No kids under 12. Kids under 18 to be supervised by a parent or guardian

Please use a gym towel and wipe down the machine after use

Appropriate gym dress – no barefoot or sandals

Return weights to rack after use

Do not drop the weights on the floor

No food or drinks besides bottled water

Be considerate to others waiting to use a machine

Please make use of the lockers to keep your valuables safe

Use of the training area and equipment is at your own risk