Vinyasa yoga teacher
Qualification – 200 hour Vinyasa yoga at Living Yoga.

What motivates me – I’ve always been a very active person and yoga teaches you to connect your body, breath and mind.

My Yoga style – Meditation, finding joy and steadiness in every pose.

    Pilates teacher
    Nathalie has completed the Comprehensive Pilates Certification in 2014 and have been teaching pilates for 6 years, as well as aerial and personal training.

    She enjoys mostly expressive and challenging activities and believes that Pilates helps strengthen all muscles of your body so you can enjoy a better performance with a lesser chance of injury in any sports and hobbies you are passionate about.

    “What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

      Vinyasa yoga teacher
      Qualification – 200 hour Vinyasa yoga at Living Yoga.

      What motivates me – Deepening the understanding of oneself by connecting mind and body to create harmony.

      My Yoga style – I believe in creating harmony in all aspects of our lives. I try create balance in my classes, flowing through both easy and challenging poses creating a space for you to challenge yourself and then having a space to relax and be at ease. Exploring our mind and body expect a little meditation and breath control in the mix.

        Fundamental yoga teacher
        Qualification – 4 year Iyengar Introductory Certificate (2017), Jivamukti Teacher Certification (2011), Hatha Teacher Certification (2006)

        What motivates me – My love for teaching and the hope of waking up

        My yoga style – I’ve always tried to emphasise getting clear on the basics to create a strong foundation. This means focusing on the underlying principles of yoga so that people can understand the reasons behind the practice. My classes are workshop based with a lot of detail in the instruction. I believe if you get the basics right, the fancy stuff will sort itself out. And meditation: don’t forget the meditation part 🙂

          Jivamukti yoga teacher
          Jo is passionate about yoga & all its benefits. She has been teaching for 12 years. She trained in several styles & studied as far afield as in New York.

          As someone who once struggled to touch her toes, she has made it her mission to debunk the perception that yoga is only for the flexible.

          Her vinyasa flow classes are well rounded, challenging but accessible & she is renowned for her quirky sense of humour & kick ass playlists that uplift & inspire.

            Vinyasa/Yin yoga teacher
            There are so many guides – yogis and non-yogis – out there that have hepled shape me and still shape me as a Yoga Guide.

            After teaching for 9 years I can say with certainty that aspects of this practice and the way one guides people through it, change; all – the – time!

            One of the most profound things that I have learnt is to stop straining and pushing and to instead practise EASE. Finding ways in your yoga practice to move and breathe and feel what is really going on while you are practising … and then understanding and experiencing what it means to move with ease IN YOUR OWN BODY. This inevitably will flow over into the rest of your life.

            So you come to a class, and together we’ll figure out what works for you, and where you can let go a bit … or a whole lot!

            It’s a symbioses, where we all benefit from practising ease.

              Vinyasa yoga teacher

              In 2015 Sajiv completed a Vinyasa yoga teacher training facilitated by Living Yoga and immediately took the opportunity to teach.

              He draws inspiration from ancient yogic texts, dance, music and life in general to teach classes that require not only strength and focus, but also bring a very playful element to your practise.  His classes are mentally and physically uplifting and challenging as he loves doing backbends, arm balances and being upside down in inversions to look at things from a different perspective.

                CityROCK Workout/fitness instructor
                Dane has a diploma in Exercise Science, certification in pilates and years of fitness and personal training experience.

                As an outdoor enthusiast, Danes true passion lies in training people to get mountain ready. Whether you are heading out on your first hike, trying to send your climbing project or just looking to improve your fitness for life, his full body workout will get you moving and feeling awesome to take on any of life’s challenges.