Rules and Regulations

1. Use of this facility is at your own risk.
2. Every climber must sign our Waiver before climbing (and resign annually).
3. Climbing barefoot and shirtless (no shirt, crop tops, sports bras) not allowed.  Only correct climbing shoes on the climbing walls.
4. Food and drink are not permitted on the grey climbing floor.
5. Use lockers for personal effects; bags, clothing, cellphones, keys and wallets.
6. Leave the pets at home please.
7. If you really have to smoking is only allowed in the designated outside smoking area.
8. We have a zero tolerance policy for vandalism & theft. Such activities may involve prosecution.
9. Climbers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.
10. Please report anything hazardous to us, including spinning holds, frayed ropes or a dangerous climber.
11. Safety is our top priority. If we feel that what you are doing is unsafe or inappropriate we may ask you to leave.

12. New climbers and belayers: you must pass our compulsory Top Rope Belay test.
13. The Orange Top Rope Belay Tag is to be displayed on the back of your harness at all times.
14. You must do a Buddy Check before the climber steps onto the wall.
15. Jewellery, wallets, cell phones – when dropped are extremely hazardous – remove them before climbing.
16. Tie up long hair to prevent entanglement in your belay device.
17. Belayers must remain standing at all times.
18. No selfies, Instagramming, Whatsapping etc while climbing or belaying or we will confiscate your phone.
19. In the case where a Lead and Top Rope route share an anchor, Lead climbers have right of way.

20. Have you clipped in?
21. Clip in!
22. When descending be careful not to land on innocent bystanders.

Lead climbing is inherently more dangerous. Please stay safe by adhering to these rules:
23. Lead climbers and belayers: you must pass our compulsory Lead test and complete the Lead waiver.
24. The Green Lead Tag is to be displayed on the back of your harness at all times.
25. No z-clipping, back-clipping, skipping of bolts.
26. Know and use the correct verbal climbing commands.
27. Belayers: spot your climber until they have clipped the first draw.

Our bouldering walls are very high. Please stay safe by adhering to these rules and watching our bouldering video.
28. No kids under 12 in the adults bouldering section unless supervised by a CityROCK certified climbing coach.                                                             29. When bouldering, climbing down is preferable to jumping off.
30. Do not boulder under or above another boulderer.
31. Spotters are strongly encouraged.
32. Be aware of other climbers especially when making a big move.
33. Keep personal gear away from the bouldering landing area.
34. While watching others boulder, be aware of their fall line and stand out of the way.
35. No bouldering on the high climbing walls.

36. Minimum climbing age is 5.
37. While inside our facility, regardless of climbing ability, all children under 14 must be supervised by a parent, guardian or coach.
38. Kids under age 12 only allowed to climb in the Kids Mayhem climbing area.
39. No food or drinks on the mats please.
40. Parents: no belaying unless you have the proper Orange or Green Belay Test Tag.
41. No running, jumping, swinging from ropes, or monkeying around.
This is not a jungle gym.