The weekend of 1-2 October 2016 saw lead climbers from all over South Africa meet at CityROCK Johannesburg for the SANCF National Lead Finals.

With a world class facility available for such competitions, the stage was set for the 98 competitors to show the judges and spectators everything they had.

Saturday 1 October included two flash qualifying rounds. The great quality routes set by CityROCK route setting team; Kent Jennings, James Barnes, Dylan Vogt and Eran Waldeck; and overseen by chief route setter Paul Bruyere; easily split the groups as the stronger climbers reached the chains in most of their qualifying rounds.

Sunday 2 October added in more excitement for spectators as the competitors were placed in isolation and the semi finals and finals involved on-sight climbing.  As each competitor came out to climb their route the vibe in the gym was filled with intense excitement and huge encouragement.  Every competitor gave it their all as was felt by the sweaty hands of the spectators as they cheered them on.
A few nervous parents were seen pacing as their kids climbed.

CityROCK route setter Oliver Marx cruising to the chains on his first qualifying round

CityROCK route setter Oliver Marx cruising to the chains on his first qualifying round  

Lead Nationals

Western Cape’s David Naude crushing his qualifying round with ease











The route setting team again left the crowd gasping and cheering as the competitors made each move or came off the wall. The routes were fantastically set, they were technical, challenging, crowd pleasing and well graded for each age group.

A huge congratulations to SANCF, CityROCK and each province for a high standard and very successful National Lead Finals. With this being the first national competition in the era of the Climbing Olympics it has set the stage for a very exciting next four years of growing climbing in South Africa.

Final results below:


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