Studio Schedule

Classes are subject to change. Space is on a first come first serve basis.

Public holiday yoga classes are 75 minutes at 9:30 as the gym closes at 18:00.

Day and Time Duration Style Instructor Venue
Mon 17:30 60 Min Beginners' Vinyasa Susanna Studio
Mon 18:45 60 Min Pre-hab / Pilates for climbers Dagmar Studio
Tues 12:30 60 Min Yin Susanna Studio
Tues 17:30 60 Min Pilates Dagmar Studio
Tues 18:30 60 Min CityROCK Workout Dane Fitness Area
Tues 18:45 75 Min Fundamental Yoga James Studio
Wed 16:30 30 Min Kids Yoga Stephanie Studio
Wed 17:30 60 Min Beginners' Vinyasa Roald Studio
Wed 18:45 75 Min Vinyasa Carly Studio
Thurs 12:30 60 Min Vinyasa Susanna Studio
Thurs 17:30 60 Min Pilates Cat Studio
Thurs 19:00 60 Min Climb Strong Various Fitness Area
Thurs 18:45 75 Min Budukon Lee Studio
Sat 09:30 75 Min Vinyasa Sajiv Studio
Sun 09:30 75 Min Yin Carly Studio


Each class will be slightly different to the next, depending on who is instructing, what music is played and what the instructor offers on the day. All classes suitable for all levels.

Notify the instructor of injuries or medical conditions, if you are new or pregnant.


Kids Yoga
A 30min class for all kids aged 5 to 13 and focused on building their strength, balance and confidence.

A slow-paced meditative style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. It aims to cultivate awareness of inner stillness.

A flowing sequence of postures that synchronizes the breath with movement. This invigorating practice has a strong foundation in Ashtanga with a focus on core strength, breath awareness and key alignment principles.

The science, art, philosophy and mix of classical yoga with martial arts, calisthenics, animal locomotion and life science makes for a fun and physically demanding practice.

An exercise program designed to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks and to improve overall flexibility and coordination.

Fundamental Yoga
A return to the fundamental principles of yoga asana. Expect to explore the postures with a focus on muscular activation, correct alignment and the utilisation of yoga props to fine tune your practice in this workshop format class. Great for all levels of ability and for practitioners looking to build a strong foundation for their physical practice.

Beginner’s Vinyasa
Beginners Vinyasa is a flow class that everyone can enjoy. It focuses on the basics of yoga, sticking to a standardised format. The sequence remains the same each week, allowing you to develop your practice.