Local is Lekker Film Comp 

CityROCK have been screening the Reel Rock Tour in SA for the past 12 years; RRT13 is coming in November. We are resurrecting our “local is lekker” short film competition. The 3 finalists will be shown before the main Reel Rock Tour attraction.

So all you aspiring SA film makers – submit your local is lekker video!!


1st: R5000
2nd: R4000
3rd: R3000

Submission details:

  • 2-5 minutes preferred, with a maximum playtime of 10 minutes.
  • Video must be uploaded and viewable online somewhere.
  • HD quality. (1920×1080)

Deadline: Tuesday, October 30, midnight.

Soundtrack / Music: Music doesn’t have to be legal for our private screenings.


  • Justin Lawson
  • Robert Breyer
  • Nick Good

Selection Criteria:

  • There has to be a very strong local flavour to the whole thing: Local climbers, or a local film maker, or local location. Ideally all three.
  • Not a professional piece of work. That means it wasn’t made for money by the film maker(s).
  • Film has to be new, so a 2018 production. And relatively unseen. Yes, this is subjective. If your video has been on Youtube since January and has had 2M views, it has been seen. If it has been on Vimeo and seen 50 times, it’s unseen.
  • Story
  • Action
  • Local content (local climbers, producer, director, scenery, etc.)
  • Editing
  • Music/sound

Send your video (or link to your video) to localislekker@cityrock.co.za

The judges’ decision is final. No ifs and buts. Judges will view submissions, and vote for 1,2 and 3 individually. Scores will be added, lowest score wins.


The 2012 Winner:

no strings attached
Produced by Amy Daneel, starring Matt Bush.