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The tallest indoor climbing gym in Africa, CityROCK Johannesburg isn’t just a regular gym – it’s a world-class facility complete with the best coffee in town.

The gym boasts 2,000m² of high wall climbing; 124 top rope anchors; 9 automatic belay walls; 500m² of bouldering; a 300m² well stocked outdoor gear shop; a 100m² beautiful yoga studio; a cardio and strength training area; and a dedicated beginners’ climbing area for birthday parties, kids, and courses.

If you have never rock climbed or seen the inside of a world class indoor climbing gym, CityROCK is definitely worth a visit! The aesthetic design and sheer height of the colourful walls (and let’s not forget the great coffee) will leave you amazed and eager to jump onto a route. Come and give it a try.

Safety first

All climbers and belayers must pass our compulsory Top Rope Belay test. New climbers are advised to book into our introduction course and familiarise yourself with our facility rules. Upon completion of the belay test you will receive an Orange Top Belay Test tag which must be displayed on your harness at all times. Note: We only use the Grigri belay device for all Top Rope climbing. If you are not familiar with the Grigri we do offer a 10 minute refresher.

The video will take you through our Top Rope Belay Test. If you do not know what we are talking about in the video you will need to take our Introduction Course.

More Information

We also offer:

We have affordable day pass or monthly membership options available. Sign up as a member and earn Discovery Vitality points for having the best time climbing with us!

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Getting Started

Step 1: Fill out our waiver

Step 2: Watch our Top Rope Belay Test Video and/or Bouldering Safety Video

Step 3: If nothing in the video makes sense book an introduction course with us or read more on our getting started page

Step 4: Familiarise yourself with our rules to keep you safe

Step 5: Do your Top Rope belay test at the gym

Step 6: Once you have been issued your Belay Tag – Climb on!

For parents, please read our kids rules.