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Yoga and climbing are very synergistic. Climbing requires core strength, balance, breathing and focus and mental discipline – all skills that Yoga helps with tremendously, which is why so many climbers do Yoga.

Beginners and non-climbers are very welcome at all our classes. Just introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know it’s your first time.

Come early to reserve a spot as space is limited per class. Pay your day pass or swipe your membership card at the front desk.

First timers will need to complete our waiver.

Notify the instructor of injuries or medical conditions, if you are new or pregnant.

Classes are subject to change. Space is on a first come first serve basis.

A few Yoga mats are available in the studio but we advise you to bring your own or purchase an eco-friendly mat in our gear shop as rental mats are limited.

Each class will be slightly different to the next, depending on who is instructing, what music is played and what the instructor offers on the day. All classes suitable for all levels.

Cape Town Class Schedule

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Classes are subject to change.

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Cape Town Instructors


Yoga | Studio Manager | Assistant Gym Manager

Qualification: 200hr YTT at ReUnion Yoga with Jim Harrington

What motivates me: Health! I want to be strong, flexible and calm in life, and I love facilitating a space that allows others to achieve the same goal. I try to hold classes that anyone can join without feeling intimidated, with the aim of equipping my students to explore their practice further and gain the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and into new styles and classes.

My yoga style: Slow and focused on the basic postures and sequences of vinyasa, with emphasis on correct alignment, so that students can build a firm foundation in yoga fundamentals.

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Qualification: 200hr YTT with Wellness Connection

What motivates me: Yoga has the ability to heal our physical, mental and emotional selves. My practice has given me the tools I need to move through the greatest challenges in life feeling supported and grounded. Similarly, it has opened my mind to fully experience the world’s incredible wonders. I am inspired to share with those around me, to empower them to develop both a personal practice of mindfulness, and a sense of playful curiosity within the framework of yoga.

My yoga style: Throughout my yoga journey I have practised ashtanga, vinyasa, budokon, kundalini, yin and meditation, and I aim to incorporate aspects from each of these styles into my classes, with a focus on mindful, intuitive movement. I try to create a playful, encouraging environment that allows students to release expectation and judgement, offering a safe space to be your most authentic self.

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Qualification: 300hr YTT at ReUnion Yoga with Jim Harrington including Synergy teacher training; 50hr YTT Yin Teacher Training with Wellness Connection

What motivates me: The practice of yoga is not only physical, but also connects us with our emotional and mental well-being. Our practice on the mat flows over into our life off the mat, and guides us to finding balance in everyday life – we learn to understand when to be unyielding, and when to let go.   

My yoga style: I’m in love with the idea of Sukha and Sthira: the dichotomy of strength and endurance versus ease and self-acceptance. My classes invite the practice of being fully present with all the sensations and experiences that occur in the body and mind. We flow through a sequence of asanas while remaining connected with the breath. My style supports you in letting go of perfection and embracing self-acceptance, both on and off the mat.

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Qualification: 200HR Vinyasa Living Yoga; 200HR Vinyasa Authentic Movements.

What motivates me: Yoga has taught me to love my body – not for what it looks like, but for how strong I am. I love moving my body. I touch Divinity when I do yoga. I love exploring my body, and want to offer my students all the gifts that I have received.reath, meditation, stillness. The power to take the qualities we learn on the mat –  spaciousness, breath, mindfulness and letting go – and find them in life.

My yoga style: My classes are strong and interesting. I try and get each class to be unique, and explore as much in my body as I can. I feel like I’m dancing when I’m practicing. I hope you do too. Come and move with me. Let’s touch Divinity.

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Qualification: Bachelor of Music in dance, mastering in classical ballet; 200hr YTT at ReUnion Yoga with Jim Harrington; Yoga Synergy Fundamentals; Yoga Synergy How to Boost Your Energy

What motivates me: Yoga provides a vehicle to everything that represents well-being to me. Beyond the joy of being intensely physical, present, and balanced in the body, the philosophy and mindfulness feeds every other aspect of living. I take immense gratification in my duty to share with my students this information and offer a type of sanctuary that I still find in my own practice.

My yoga style: Simple answer: whatever works. I use principles learnt in traditional yoga practice (ashtanga and Iyengar) as well as Synergy and Pilates; my classical ballet background has also given me an eye for detail and movement quality. Above all: play.

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RYS200 Hour Vinyasa Teachers Training – Lauren Mensikovas; 20 Hour Aerial Yoga Foundations Teachers Training – Charney Engelbrecht; Original Conditioning & Mindful Movement Facilitation – Dave Gardner

What motivates me: To Move with Mindfulness and Grace within and without the Studio. To allow life to unfold as it does and to flow effortlessly with it. To live a life of integrity, kindness and love. To be the best version of myself and encourage others to be the best version of themselves

My Yoga style: Slow Flow integrating Movement with Breath and Focusing on Form and Graceful Transitions. Encouraging students to explore their range of movement, to try new things and not to feel intimidated by it.



Qualification: E-RYA Certified 500hr YTT; 200hr at ReUnion with Jim Harrington; 300hr at the Shala; Bachelor of Science in Human Bioscience

What motivates me: Yoga has been my glue over the past twelve years, and its teachings have expanded my heart and mind to hold space with the utmost care and entrainment. I love the eight limbs of yoga that one can ‘climb’, and helping others to bring their own heartfelt spirituality into their daily fitness regimen, with a focus on strength training for climbing and other sports. I set strong intentions to draw students to mindful connection with the present through pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

My yoga style: My Yoga for Climbers classes are largely vinyasa based; I also teach beginners’ and synergy yoga with strong self-affirmations and focus on the expansion of the body’s inner space, introspection and resilience. My cornerstones are the use of breath and explorative body movements intertwined with one’s senses, along with an experienced rock climbing and route setting background.

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Qualification: Body Arts and Science International (BAS) Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

What motivates me: Enabling people to establish an intimate connection with their bodies from which they can move freely.

My Pilates style: Irreverent. Some call it noodling. I call it Michalaties. Come join us for some fun strength training!



Qualification: 200hr YTT at ReUnion Yoga with Jim Harrington

What motivates me: To take a deeper and more realistic look at oneself. To accept that which is and to have the tools (physically and mentally) to overcome suffering. To have fun exploring your own potential!

My yoga style: A synergistic approach of slow and steady movements aligned with your breath and awareness.




Qualification: 200hr Sivanda Integral Yoga; 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa; 60hr Yoga for Women; Yoga Therapy Training.

What motivates me: The power to take the qualities we learn on the mat –  spaciousness, breath, mindfulness and letting go – and find them in life. 

My yoga style: Both intuitive and informed, taking the best things I’ve learned teaching yoga and integrating them into my classes. Breath, meditation, flow and constructive rest.




Qualification: 200 hr Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga from Conscious Movement Education; Functional Anatomy; Pilates Mat and Equipment -The Pilates Academy South Africa; Tangolates and Gyrotonics – Buenos Aires. Argentina

What motivates me:  I’m passionate about fitness solutions designed to power up the core and leave your spine smiling and supported. We live in a world where we are bombarded with information that we need to STRIVE LONG and HARD to clean up our lives & ‘imperfect bodies’. 

My Pilates style: My classes as designed to promote healing and to speak life and love over the beauty, light and perfection of your being while you move, play and unravel intelligently into a greater understanding of your wholeness & strength. I enjoy teaching a dynamic, fresh, playful & invigorating approach to exercise, designed to heal the mind by flowing fresh energy into the spine. I enjoy helping you rediscover movement in its pure form & allowing your body the freedom it once had as a child! Classes are interactive and fun, leaving you refreshed as we move together.



Qualification: Pilates Mat (eta College); Pilates Zen, Align Athletic (Virgin Active)

What motivates me: Simply making people move is one of my greatest joys and, beyond that, it’s incredibly rewarding to see the growth in strength and style in people that keep up a consistent Pilates practice. 

My Pilates style: Intense and focused, but with interaction and the freedom to choose your level.



Fitness/Personal Trainer

I am a Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about fitness and creating a healthy body and mind, dedicated to guiding my clients during their journeys to reach their wellness goals. I specialise in strength training, sports-specific training, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. I promote a healthy lifestyle and a balanced exercise and nutrition approach. My goal is to make exercise a fun and enjoyable experience for all of my clients.