Your safety is our top priority and we take no shortcuts here. Every person wanting to climb at CityROCK must complete a safety orientation on their first visit, regardless of experience level. 

If you want to top-rope or lead climb at CityROCK, you will need to pass a simple belay test (regardless of your experience level). 

Returning customers who have not been in the facility for one year or more will also need to retake the belay test.


CityROCK Safety Rules and Regulations

A Word on Safety

Climbing is dangerous and there are inherent risks. The need for safety systems beyond reproach is necessary.

The equipment developed by the climbing industry doesn’t fail when used properly. But the system is passive—participants must engage. This dictates the need for personal responsibility to allow the sport we love to exist indoors at all. The primary purpose of our waiver is to establish an agreement on this principle. Without this agreement, we cannot allow the use of our facilities. CityROCK has developed guidelines of behaviour, and rules during climbing, that we feel minimise the chance of injury to a participant. Our tests are not certifications or training. Often, the primary cause of accidents is inattentiveness and complacency.

Most Important Rules

  • Use of this facility is at your own risk.
  • We are a gun-free zone.
  • Every person entering CityROCK must sign our Waiver and present a government-issued photo ID or Drivers Licence before entering the gym for verification; this includes climbers and spectators.
  • Both the climber and belayer must do a safety check before the climber steps onto the wall. For auto belays, check yourself twice.

Be safe

Our philosophy regarding the safety protocol for climbing and belaying is to focus on principle, and a preferred method of belaying in our facility—the brake hand must not leave the rope. Regarding lead climbing-if climbing is risky, lead climbing is even more so. While CityROCK supports this form of climbing by placing draws on most walls, lead climbing in our gyms should not be practiced by anyone that has not undergone training. Safety is our top priority. If we feel that what you are doing is unsafe or inappropriate we may ask you to leave.

  • Climbers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Please report anything hazardous to us, including spinning holds, frayed ropes or a dangerous climber.
  • You need the appropriate tag to belay and / or climb

Safety Tags

Adult Top Rope Belay Tags – Orange (JHB) or Red (CPT)

Adult Lead Belay and Climb Tags

  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Must have passed the lead test
  • Must sign the lead waiver

Be awesome

  • Being shirtless in our facility (including crop tops and sports bras) is not allowed.
  • Climbing barefoot is not allowed, only climbing shoes are allowed on the climbing walls.
  • Food and drink are not permitted on the grey climbing floor.
  • Use lockers for personal effects; bags, clothing, cellphones, keys and wallets.
  • No pets please.
  • No smoking in the gym, there is a designated smoking area outside.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for vandalism & theft. Such activities may involve prosecution.

Kids Safety Rules

Children are natural climbers who love to explore and discover new activities.

CityROCK is a climbing gym and safety is our number one priority. Our gym was not designed for children and as such, special care needs to be taken when using our facilities. Please follow the rules below to ensure a fun and safe visit for you and our other users.

  • The parent or legal guardian must sign a minor waiver for each child entering CityROCK. CityROCK reserves the right to verify that the details provided are correct. If the parent or guardian will not be present, please bring a photocopy of the adult’s government-issued ID or Drivers licence for verification. Legal guardians must present proof of guardianship to sign a child’s waiver
  • Children must be 5 years or older to climb
  • Parent and kid(s) will need to complete the standard safety orientation briefing on their first visit
  • Groups larger than 6 kids should email the branch they are visiting to make a booking
  • Children aged 5 to 12 are only allowed to climb in the children’s area
  • Children under 16 must be under constant adult supervision, regardless of their climbing ability
  • Adult supervisors must have the appropriate lead or top rope tag to supervise a child who is lead or top rope belaying

Kids under 5 years old

  • No climbing
  • 1 child per adult
  • Must be within arm’s reach at all times, unless secured in a baby holder, in which case they must be within sight

Kids between 5 and 12 years old

  • Can only climb in the children’s area
  • 1 adult supervisor per 2 kids aged between 5 and 12 years old
  • If one sibling is younger than 5yrs – separate adult supervision required
  • Must be within sight when not climbing, regardless of tag or ability
  • Must be within arm’s reach when bouldering and spotted
  • Must be watched and checked when attaching to auto – belays

Kids between 13 and 16 years old

  • Can climb anywhere in the gym
  • 1 adult supervisor per 3 kids aged between 13 and 16 years old
  • Must be within sight when not climbing
  • Under 18yrs who want to belay must be in possession of a belay tag

Kids Bouldering

  • Kids under 13 may not climb in the adult bouldering section

CityROCK offers kids courses and coaching which will provide them with the necessary skills to climb safely. After completion of these courses, kids will have the opportunity to be tested and obtain kids climbing tags allowing them access to the adult high climbing and bouldering sections.

Safety Videos

Top Rope Safety Video

Bouldering Safety Video

Kids Safety Video