Bouldering is an exciting and fast growing style of climbing that is very social and a great way for climbers to hone their climbing skills and build strength.

Bouldering etiquette

  • We encourage the use of liquid chalk to help keep our facility clean from chalk dust. Please start all climbs with liquid chalk and you may use powdered chalk to top up. Avoid over chalking
  • Take off your harness before bouldering
  • Brush the holds after you’ve climbed
  • If problems overlap, let the person already on the wall finish
  • Do not “spray” beta

Safety Requirements for Bouldering

  • Have a ‘spotter’ for difficult moves
  • Do not boulder on the high walls
  • The bouldering area is for adults and children over 13 – ALL children under 16 must be supervised and spotted by a parent, guardian or coach
  • Children may not play on the foam pads in the bouldering area
  • Use the grey jugs to climb down where possible