Top Rope Climbing

Highwall Roped Climbing (Sport Climbing)

From beginner to expert, CityROCK offers a fun and challenging climbing experience for all.

Autobelays / Clip in and Climb

This is a great introduction to High Climbing as you do not need experience or require a climbing partner. The rope is attached at the top of the wall (around 16m) to a braking system in case of a fall, similar to a car seat belt, and will lower you gently back down to the ground. A harness and climbing shoes are required. A belay test is not necessary. First time visitors will need to do a safety orientation to learn how to safely use the Autobelay systems. 

Top Rope Climbing

Requires a team of two: climber and belayer. The belayer stays on the ground and controls the rope attached to the climber using a belay device in the event of a fall.  The rope runs through an anchor at the top of the wall as the climber ascends the route. The routes require a bit of stamina as they go up to a height of 16 meters.

New top rope climbers and belayers: you must pass our compulsory Top Rope Belay test. Climbers must be 13 years or older. Upon completion of the test you will receive a Red/Orange Top Belay Test tag which must be displayed on your harness at all times.

Note: We only use the Grigri belay device for all Top Rope climbing. If you are not familiar with the Grigri we do offer a 10 minute refresher.

Safety Requirements for High wall climbing
  • You must have passed the top rope or lead test to climb. Autobelays require a safety orientation on your first visit
  • Do not boulder on the high walls or traverse across anchors. Stay on the route and finish on the relevant anchor
  • The high climbing area is for adults and children over 13 – ALL children under 16 must be supervised by a parent, guardian or coach
  • Children may not play on the foam pads or Comfy Saks
  • No eating and drinking on the climbing mats
  • Always double check yourself!  Ensure your harness is fitted correctly, you are clipped or tied in correctly, and your belayer is ready before you start climbing
High wall etiquette
  • We encourage the use of liquid chalk to help keep our facility clean from chalk dust. Please start all climbs with liquid chalk and you may use powdered chalk to top up.Avoid over chalking
  • Brush the start and or crux holds after you’ve climbed
  • If problems overlap, let the person already on the wall finish. Lead climbers have right of way over top rope climbers
  • Do not “spray” beta

Need a refresher course?